About this Service

Who is Bridal Network?

Bridal Network binds together wedding vendors worldwide, in one central database.

Our job is to create easy-to-use methods to connect these wedding vendors with brides-to-be in their own region.

This Wedding Request service is one of our solutions. (another would be to surf our complete vendor directory etc.)

We make our vendors available to you through bridal planning websites everywhere, so you may find us when you are surfing your local wedding publication's website, or as a result of Google search, or when registering for a trade show etc.

What's a Wedding Request?

A Wedding Request allows you to instantly contact all the wedding vendors in a specific area.

You let us know

  • the date and place of your wedding
  • what services you still need
  • your email address.
  • We

  • post your request in our system
  • visible only to vendors in the specified area
  • available vendors can message you through our system
  • Privacy Concerns?

    Throughout the entire process, your identity remains confidential, until you decide to pursue a particular quote.

    The vendors see your event info but not your email address. They have to email you through our system tools.

    As far as our own company is concerned, we will never, EVER send you ANY junk mail. It is simply not our business: we are merely a faciliatator service.

    Making a Request

    When to make a Request

    You should make a request after you have decided what you like and what you will need.

    Take your time, research online, read magazines, visit trade shows etc.

    Then, use this service to quickly sort through the hundreds of companies in your area.

    For example, out of the hundreds of wedding photographers in your city, how many are already booked on the date of your wedding? Or, how many can produce the type of photo album you prefer?

    Do you really have the time to call each one and find out??

    What's a Shopping Region?


  • not every company in the world can help you
  • you would not want every company in the world to contact you!
  • A "shopping region" narrows down the list of vendors who receive your request to manageable size.

    Select a shopping region that includes the area you are willing to travel. Your community and its surounding metropolitan area.

    Only services available in your shopping area will receive the request.

    Multiple Shopping Regions

    What if you live in one city but your wedding is in another?

    It is easier to buy your wedding dress near where you live right now. But you will need a photographer near your wedding.

    Easy! Select a region and the services you need there and post your request. Then go back and do it again, for a different region.

    Requesting a Service Twice

    Unfortunatelly, to avoid confusion, you can only request a particular service once.

    So our system grays out the services you have requested already.

    Managing the Requests already made

    Changing a Request

    When you make a request, our system immediatelly notifies all applicable vendors.
    If you now change the region or category of the request, some vendors would try to find it in vain, while others would never find out about it

    So, to avoid confusion, our system will not let you change a request. If you absolutely must correct something, do not hesitate to email us, using our contact form. We can manually make any changes you require.

    However, you can always stop a request, either temporarily if you are busy or permanently when you 're finished.

    How to Turn it Off

    Eventually, when you have booked a service you will need to turn the request off, to let our vendors know to stop sending you quotes.

    Simply come back to this website, go to "Your Requests", log in and flag this request as "booked".
    There is a checkbox labeled "Booked" to the right of each one of your requests.

    Oh, and if for some reason you cancel your booking, you can always come back and un-check this, which will re-post your request on the vendor board.

    How to Pause the Emails

    What if you have already received too many emails?

    Use the checkbox labeled "On Hold" on the "Your Requests" page. This will leave your request on the board, but also disable the messaging feature, until you come back and un-check it.

    Vendors will not be able to send you quotes, but will know that you have not actually booked yet, so they will be available if you activate this request again.